Firing Area 918: This is good news, but will it make a difference?

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  1. moshe dann says:

    Excellent analysis. Why did the court and the GOI refuse to resolve this for 2 decades?

  1. July 16, 2022

    […] is surprising is the fact that recently, after a two-decade court battle, the Israeli Supreme Court upheld Israel’s claim to Area 918 in the South Hebron Hills. The same court had earlier found Khan al-Ahmar illegal and subject to […]

  2. July 18, 2022

    […] But this is the court’s decision: The court examined aerial photos from the 1980s onward and documents that the petitioners brought as proof of their ownership. The court determined that there was no proof the Arabs had resided in the area before the mid 1990s. In fact, the geohistory book the petitioners brought to support their contention actually proves the opposite; the book shows that only temporary agricultural huts were present at the site and not permanent homes. (You can read my detailed description of the court decision here.) […]

  3. August 3, 2022

    […] and one does not avail oneself of an English translation and clarification of the Israeli High Court’s decision to remove the squatters—who have permanent homes in other, legal villages—then one merely […]

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