Hamas Tunnels: The “Metro” Infrastructure in all its Glory

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  1. Drew says:

    Now, Ms. Oz, start working to make the land from the river to the sea a land for all of its people, a land where there is no state sponsored discrimination or segregation, a land that does not favor one group over another. a land where there is no oppression, a land where everyone enjoys equal rights, human rights, liberty, freedom, and justice. Then everyone will have less need for weapons of war, Including Israel.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      You are really naive if you think that the Jews in such a land you envision would be safe nevermind treated equally.

      • Drew says:

        So why did Zionist Jews move to a foreign, Arab land if they didn’t want to live as equals with the local non-Jewish population?

        And meanwhile, it’s the Zionists behaving exactly as you fear the Palestinians would.

      • Drew says:

        Hello, Ms. Oz, I do hope that you’re well. You’ll be happy to know that this will probably be my last comment. I wonder if you will have the courage to post it.

        Your beliefs are based on bigotry, prejudice, racism, generalizations, or stereotypes. That is why, for example, you don’t want Palestinian refugees to return to their property. That is why you emphasize, for example, the alleged or exaggerated expulsion of Jews from other countries but apparently do not believe that Palestinians that were expelled or refused reentry deserve justice.

        You also believe in collective punishment and treating people as a monolith. That is why you hold Muslims today responsible for what happened in 635 C.E.

        You are also a typical solipsistic Zionist, quite insular in your thinking. You support discrimination and segregation.

        You are wrong about so many basic facts. I’m sure you’re also unaware that a prominent Palestinian wrote Theodore Herzl in about 1898 and implored him to leave Palestine alone because it was already quite populated.

        You represent backward, nationalistic thinking. Your ilk aren’t part of the problem, you are the problem. You are an oppressor, a settler colonialist. The world’s future will not belong to your ilk. It will belong to people who don’t create artificial barriers between people, especially barriers based on Bronze Age myths, children’s fairytales.

        Please remember 2 things. First, anyone anywhere else who said I’m back after 2000 years would be laughed out of town. Second, the land between the river and the sea is not a land in a history book or the Torah or other holy books: one just can’t ignore changes that have occurred over 1000s of years.

        Goodbye, Ms. Oz née Burns.

        • Sheri Oz says:

          There! It’s posted. You had your say. I don’t know why you repeat your comment wondering if I have the courage to post your comments. I have never backed down from posting your comments. In this case, you make so many assumptions about me and errors in fact that it would require a book to answer you. In fact, I have dealt with some of the issues you raise in other articles on this website. I have also noticed that, while I have no problem acknowledging when I err (as I am only human and cannot be expected to know everything), when I point out a factual error on your part (such as when Hamas was founded) you ignore it and move on to some other point.

          You are welcome to your opinions.

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