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Here I respond to Israeli current events – to what is happening within the country and what is happening internationally regarding Israel. My views are still evolving and my writing will reflect my continuing growth and exploration of the issues. I examine academic writings in the fields of history, sociology and political science, as well as opinion pieces and analyses that appear in the media.

I do not promise to be consistent because my political views are still changing as I learn more. I do promise to be provocative and perhaps a bit irritating to some. Feel free to express your thoughts and your agreements and disagreements with me: I value debate, respectful debate, and anticipate engaging with my readers.

Screenshot of Law Committee vote on the reasonableness clause 2

An unreasonable filibuster

Israel’s elected representatives wasted over 40 hours in a filibuster of proportions previously unknown in this country. The document that concretizes and enshrines this travesty, this cynical manipulation of accepted Knesset protocol, is permanently...