What Really Happened at Shireen Abu-Akleh’s Funeral and Why

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  1. Treathyl Fox says:

    Thanks for the clarification of the event. Based on the videos I saw on television, I couldn’t tell who was doing what! (O.o)

  2. HJ Clark says:

    You imply that family members have nothing to fear from refuting Israel’s version in contrast to Hamas’s. The fact that Shireen was shot in the back and then blamed on Palestinians until the truth came out is more than enough reason for them to feel threatened. Her memorial has since been bulldozed flat and not by Palestinians which indicates how little respect for her or her memory.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Here is the report of the IDF investigation which I trust more than I trust any PA investigation that only seeks to blame Israel for everything. As you can see, the IDF accepts that it may have been one of their bullets that killed her but because she was in the middle of a battle field, there is no way to be sure. In any case, there are many who still blame Israel of deliberately shooting her and nothing has happened to them.

      I couldn’t find anything about the destruction of the memorial in anything but anti-Israeli news sites. Curious, no? No CNN report, no AP report, no BBC report. But with further investigation, I finally found something on the International Federation of Journalist site. They were the only ones who gave any context — it happened on Oct 26 in what they called, “an unexplained early morning operation.” There have been many operations in Jenin recently to deal with increasing terrorist threats coming out of Jenin. So I can easily see how the street memorial could have been destroyed by bulldozers razing buildings occupied by terrorists and not the deliberate targetting of a memorial. Israel has much better things to do with its resources and time than that.

      Also, I love how everyone who justifiably mourns and memorializes the death of Abu Akleh have nothing to say about, for example, the deaths of 63 journalists per year in Syria over the past decade. No Jews, no news, eh?

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