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Academic studies from various disciplines tackle issues related to Israel. I will critically and fairly examine published articles that find their way to my screen.

Supreme Court Justice Shoshana Netanyahu 0

Shoshana Netanyahu on the judicial revolution

Shoshana Netanyahu was a Supreme Court (SC) judge between 1981and 1993. Her parting gift to the nation upon retirement was an article called “The Supreme Court of Israel: A Safeguard of the Rule of...

Ben Gurion Airport 0

Legitimate Literary Criticism or Propaganda?

Creative writers’ writing is always autobiographic to some extent, sometimes more openly so. The three pieces reviewed in a recent academic article all describe the writers’ personal experiences of being detained at Ben Gurion...

Commemorative stamp shows that historic Palestine is Eretz Yisrael 2

Historic Palestine: What you need to know!

I recently critiqued an article that used the term “historic Palestine” nine times in 21 pages without offering a definition even once. It is taken for granted that the reader would know what this...