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Academic studies from various disciplines tackle issues related to Israel. I will critically and fairly examine published articles that find their way to my screen.

Christian town of Maaloula, Syria. Author talks much about Syrian Christian genocide 0

Genocide: Seeing Israel Where It Is Not

If hate for Israel is triggered whenever you hear or read certain trigger-words, such as genocide, then you might see things that are not really there. I can think of no other reason for...

Pregnant women in Gaza should eat Mediterranean diet 0

Maternal Diets in Gaza: Not Our Fault!

Congratulations are in order…..a team composed of scientists from Gaza, Iran and Iraq just published a high quality paper in which the name “Israel” did not appear even once. There was no mention of...

human head with word salad including schizophrenia 0

The Occupation Causes Schizophrenia

A new article, entitled “Schizophrenia in the Context of Mental Health Services in Palestine”, reviews the literature concerning problems treating schizophrenic patients in the Palestinian Authority (PA). All authors are faculty at the An-Najah...

Pinkwashing in branding Israel 2

Black Lies about Israeli Pinkwashing

Jennifer Lynn Kelly is another scholar who seemingly knows little about that about which she writes. In her new article that was published in January 2020, she writes about pinkwashing. She titled it: “Israeli...

Rome -- the empire under Hadrian 2

WHY Did Rome Really Name Palestine Palestine?

What if Rome did not name Palestine as an act of hatred particularly against the Jews? Would it matter? And what if they really did? Would THAT really matter? First let’s look at why...