Is Our Proud Jewish State Descending Into Chaos?

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  1. Michael Dar says:

    The author of this piece as well as many other realistic people (like myself!) have of course many good reasons to be apprehensive of our future. But it’s all of our own making..we are the once who have shown an incomprehensive apathy, an unspeakable naivety and an almost criminal negligence in face of the many negative developments which the Arabs managed to impose upon us without an adequate, even radical response from our part. We let them all the time have it their way. If I were good at writing (and more fluent in English) I would, should or could write long articles about my many grievances! Next spring I will have been in Israel for 50 years and am still unable to sort it out. On one side we are brillant, industrious, innovative, courageous, immensely capable etc. and on the other hand simply a bunch of idiots unable to realize, grasp, believe, understand the reality in which we live and aware of the existential challenges ahead. One point to close my comment…No one will ever persuade me that there is absolute nothing in the law which couldn’t be legally used to prosecute all those anti-Israel subversive elements in the Knesset. Why wasn’t that never done?

  2. Ilana says:

    In general I agree. I think you could have added the reverse, the propke on the right calling those on the left, leftists or such, as though it is a swear word. All this division and labeling is very very wrong and detrimental. It is exactly what happened before the destruction of the second Temple. Division ruined the nation. And now we have our own hurting our own soldiers. Our state is not in a good way at all. The poor, the handicapped, the holocaust survivors, the immigrants, the Ethiopian Jews, all not being cared for properly respectfully. We need to be more united, tolerant, we need to let our voices be heard as one nation. I hear Olmert talking about Bibi’s corruption and misuse of our money, and nobody is shocked at the absurdity. Then there is Deri, talking like Mr. Pure and Innocent, against Lieberman, and Lieberman…to laugh and cry, good Lord. We are in a bad way.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Absolutely. However, I have only two friends who have leftist views with whom I can rationally discuss the issues. All the others shut me down and refuse to engage. From others, who descended into name-calling, I have had to cut all ties. I have been called fascist and worse. I find left-wing NGOs dangerous to Israel when they call into question our national anthem, our flag, and would like to see this country become a bi-national state. Those are the leftists I find troublesome.

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