Category: Jew-Hate

Both Jews and non-Jews can be antisemitic. Here I will post summaries and critiques of academic articles dealing with Jew-hate, as well as opinion pieces.

collective punishment of the crowd 0

So you think this is collective punishment?

Israel is constantly being blamed by so-called pro-Palestinians of engaging in collective punishments against the Arab residents of the so-called “Occupied Palestinian Territories”. Here are just two examples of that canard: Collective punishment –...

Pew Survey makes Israeli Jews look racist 18

Want To Make Israeli Jews Look Racist? Ask Pew

The Pew Research Center has provided ammunition for anti-Zionist Jew-hatred. The response to one survey question is used as proof that Israeli Jews want to ethnically cleanse our country and the West Bank and...

Reem’s Bakery holds book signing event 0

Reem’s Bakery To Jews: In Yo’ Eye!

Reem Assil, Arab owner of Reem’s Bakery restaurant in Oakland, California, sticks her tongue out at Jews with a new event to happen later today (Sunday, 28 Jan 2018). OAKLAND: Join author Sunaina Maira...

Creating an Ahed Tamimi 0

This Is How To Create An Ahed Tamimi

Most of us do not yet know the name of this child. If his father keeps up his training, however, then we will get to know Muhammad Sroor one day, no longer the sweet...