Exposing A Zionist Hoax: Exposing an Anti-Zionist Hoax

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  1. You are correct, of course, Sheri.

    But I kind of like the reference to the Palestine conflict. As you know doubt know, Jews only a few years older than you and me carried documents identifying them as “Palestinians” and that was the designation of the entire Mandate. We need not capitulate to the Arab narrative that there ever was a Palestinian-Arab nation or even a Palestinian-Arab identity. These were manufactured out of whole (cheap) cloth as a reaction to the success of Israel.

    I have no problem calling this a conflict between Jewish Palestinians and Arab Palestinians, though I would use that term myself.

  2. Michael Caplan says:

    I don’t always say it, but I am so grateful for your writing, Sheri. Even in short pieces like this you make the truth shine through (well, not to those blind to it, of course). I have nothing substantive to add, except to reiterate: Thank you!

  3. William Holdsworth says:

    Are you sure you’ve read the Peel Report? I have a copy and there’s page after page where the occupants are referred to as Palestinians. Page 35 even mentions “Palestinian citizenship”, a phrase that also turns up on Pages 39 and 55, while Page 119 refers to “one Palestinian society”.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      You are right. I have not been well lately, otherwise I would have responded earlier. I made a horrible error and I will correct it and expand on it when I am feeling better.

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