Category: Not Haifa

Places of interest to visit outside of Haifa. Sorry – Haifa is the focal point of the country for me. It’s all either Haifa or not-Haifa.

trip to jericho with IPCRI 8

A Trip To Jericho With IPCRI

The story of Joshua breaking through the walls surrounding Jericho makes for a catchy song. However, there is a debate among archeologists regarding the authenticity of the events as told in the Bible. According...

Beit Shearim 1

Beit Shearim – Don’t Miss It!

A friend was visiting me from the USA and we wanted to see something interesting but had only the morning hours for our trip. I decided to take her to Beit Shearim as I...


Get off-the-Beaten-Path on Your Next Visit

Whether you live here and want to know where to visit next time you have a free day to tour around your own country, or you are planning a visit to Israel, you may...