I Wish I Was an Israeli Leftist

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  1. a yid says:

    good reflection. this kind of thing helps those of us or are former leftists to see the difference more clearly. the stark and painful irony that leftists accuse us of being non-compassionate when the fogel family breaks forth as witness. i think more former leftists should write these kinds of pieces –even more in depth to display the contrast.
    “those who are compassionate to the cruel end up being cruel to the compassionate”–talmud
    maybe if more former leftist write these kinds of reflections it could help current leftists see the light. oh, there i go again being hopeful.

  2. Sheri Oz says:

    Hope is good, yid. Yes, I do not understand one bit how Leftists think those to their right have no heart, do not care about the suffering people, even those who are our enemies. Feeling pain for their suffering does not have to mean opening our borders to let them in, and giving them what they SAY they want without making sure we are safe at the same time.. THAT is where logic breaks down. But that is exactly where they accuse me (us) of not caring. It is so frustrating.

  3. It is not hard to imagine a similar essay titled “I Wish I Were Not A Believer.”
    Knowing something in the general direction of the Truth is a heavy personal burden.

  4. shoshana Siegelman says:

    Jews, Truth, Hope. (“In a relationship: it’s complicated.”) I think our Creator values our struggle. He certainly put us in a position to.

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