Yalla – Zehava Galon For Prime Minister!

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  1. Bathsheva Gladstone says:

    Very interesting article. And, while I don’t vote in Israeli elections, nor do I completely understand the Israeli government, it leaves me a little leery, to trust that she wouldn’t cave to pressure. Bibi who isn’t hawkish enough for the Hawks and anathema to everyone else, is at least on foreign policy able to stave off the jackals. I know everyone is sick of the status quo, but when there are no good options, sometimes the status quo is better than the alternative. And, in that sense I agree with you, considering the options as of late, there are worse scenarios, than what Bibi provides.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      There isn’t much chance of Galon being voted in as Prime Minister of Israel. What I was hoping to get across was to have people think about what would happen if they actually were able to put into action the views that they promote. I think politicians should take responsibility for what they say and think about whether or not they would actually do what they tell others to do if they had to power to do so.

      • Bathsheva Gladstone says:

        I see your point, but take the us elections. None of the candidates are truly viable, from my perspective. Hilary as hateful as she is– is the best candidate. Trump is a loose cannon and Bernie is so left and has said all the right things to those who believe he can snap his fingers and magic appears– and a total washout in foreign policy. The problem is, is that you can pretty much know, from what he says, that he would, without a doubt, put Israel in severe and immediate danger if he were to be able to push forth his agenda. He’s Carter in Jew’s clothing. Sometimes, we have to believe the liars. Scary but true.

        • Sheri Oz says:

          But the difference is that we are talking more about something that would be similar to the Congressional elections, I think (I know nothing about American elections). As it is, Israel is regarded as one big regional constituency.

  2. Ron Barak says:

    she knows can say and write -> she now can say and write

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I should get you to edit all my work – it should really be: she knows she can say and write.

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