Israeli Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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6 responses

  1. Anita Friedman says:

    Sheri you are right as usual. I find myself agreeing with you and say it so much better than I ever could.

  2. S. Siegelman says:

    Agreed, and thanks for explaining. Some of my own thoughts on the refugee crisis from the Middle East: The proportion of the UN’s total funding for refugees that goes to settled descendants of people who became refugees a generation ago is immense; this funding (UNRWA) should be diverted to the current refugees, whose lives are in danger NOW. What about the idea of creating a Refugee Nation? What about using online coordination to register refugees and match them with places that need the skills they have to offer? What about a program to reward refugees that turn in traffickers by giving those refugees asylum, and punishing the traffickers with life in prison (if not death penalty itself)? I am casting about for ideas, other than just encouraging the hemorrhaging of people across murderous escape routes into the free and democratic world. And all of these are just ideas for the refugees……I have no idea what to even dream of to stop the source of the problem: the Syrian civil war, the Daesh crisis, the Iran proxy war…….the whole Middle East mess they had nothing to do with israel.

  3. Sheri Oz says:

    You have some really good ideas there, Shoshana. Is anyone listening? You should write up these ideas somewhere and try to put them out there.

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