Terror Is Horrid – But You Won’t Guess What I Find Harder To Deal With

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  1. Ilana says:

    We are way too quiet

  2. Michelle Harrison says:

    Sheri this is beautiful, and so from the heart, and so true. I know that isolation. Thank you for putting this in words.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Isolation recognizing isolation – makes it a little bit less lonely. Thanks for being there.

  3. Emily Winters says:

    I am a Jew always surrounded by gentiles. My friends are small town people in CT. They are not familiar with Israel or the terrorism that occurs on a daily basis. I try to educate them and maybe I over do it but I don’t care. They have to learn, especially because they have never left the state of CT and they don’t read. They support Israel but I go on and on. I am not politically correct, and I am opinionated.

  4. Ron Barak says:

    handing over administrative responsibilities for Palestinian Authority affairs to the Palestinian Authority -> handing over administrative responsibilities for Palestinian affairs to the Palestinian Authority

  5. Zargonis says:

    We must as a nation, must hold steadfast and be forever vigilant in the face of worldwide adversity.. Israel will overcome all of this, Hashem says so.

  6. Chris Moyler says:

    Seems to me that many Jews in Israel are merely ethnic Jews rather than spiritual Jews.

    What I mean by that is that the secular humanistic values of the West are more important to them than their Jewishness.

    That what lies behind their decision making.

    Thank you. Chris

    • Sheri Oz says:

      You are partly correct – for Jews the secular humanistic values of the West are of utmost importance. However, it would be more accurate to state that these secular humanistic values are an intimate part of Judaism itself. You might be interested in a recent book to come out on that topic – Back to the Ethic. And there is the added complication in that spirituality in Judaism can be separate from religious Judaism.

    • Diane Weber Bederman says:

      Chris, I am the author to Back to the Ethic. The Jewish people gave the ethic that underpins all western counties. God wanted an ethical people. People who believed in the sanctity of life, the need to care for others outside family, clan and tribe. We made the concept of tolerance possible. Sadly too many people have taken tolerance to such an extreme that we are self-destructing. I would also suggest that we become spiritual Jews when we wrestle with the words of Torah, when we question and learn. The Jewish people need to take pride in the fact that we gave the west its ethic-humanistic values without which there would be no West-no democracy.I believe that first we teach the mind then touch the soul.

  7. Shoshana says:

    Thank you for this. I share your pain. I remember being a ” leftwing, progressive, secular”Jew, and actually feeling ashamed of Israel, Feeling how horrible we were to ever hurt anyone , as I thought Israel was doing. Now I just feel ashamed of myself for having been so foolish and so lacking in any kindness for my own people. But it helps me understand the people of whom you speak. If I could do teshuvah, so can they. May your words (and all of Israel Diaries) reach many such souls and wake them up.

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