New Book Contends Well With Old Accusation Against Israel (Without Taking Sides)

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2 responses

  1. 1. What’s wrong with taking sides between right and wrong, good and evil?

    2. I for one don’t care about point 7. Our right to live in our land existrs independent of “security purposes.”

    • Sheri Oz says:

      With all due respect, his book is not about what you might care about, rather about tracing the development of Israeli treatment of land issues. That the SC approved settlements for security reasons is a fact. It was a fact I did not know before reading the book. And there are many more facts of which I was previously unaware.

      I am glad he did not take sides because his book set out to explain the issues of land laws, not who is right or who is wrong. He was not writing an op-ed, but a book that was intended to inform. I do appreciate a book that gives me enough information so that I can understand why certain decisions were made in the past and are being made now by our leaders/courts, etc. This teaches me how to approach the topic in my own writing and in my communications with our leaders.

      This book gave me a greater appreciation of the stupid mistakes our leaders made in the wake of 1967 regarding land — an appreciation that made me even more angry than I already was because I know more now than before.

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