Zionists and Liars: Pots and Kettles

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3 responses

  1. Ken Besig says:

    We Jewish Israelis with the help of HaShem have the strength and the faith to keep Israel free and safe, that is the sole reason Israel exists, because we are strong enough to tell the world that this is OUR Jewish lands and no one can or will be permitted to harm Israel and the Jews without suffering severe punishment from us.

  2. If – Gd forbid – Israel were to cease to exist, there would no longer be a Palestinian people. They would simply become Arabs or Syrians, which is what the few who were here in the early 1800s were.. Their identity as Palestinians exists purely as a counter to the Jews.

  3. Ilana says:

    Sherri I am shocked that Hammond stooped so low as to call you a liar. He cannot admit he is wrong so he lashes out, showing his worth…also, using zionist in a way like that, shows he has hatred. Making money off of his twisted views and words is what he wants while promoting more hatred. No interest in finding the truth, no interest in correcting his mistakes, no interest in giving his readers the truth… He has an agenda, and won’t let go. Ignore him as hecwillnever admit he was wrong. He is just too little to do that.

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