Pro-Palestinian Versus No-Palestinian: There Is Another Way

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  1. The PalestineArab identity is genographically, about 1/2 ethnic Arabized native JudaeanHebrew, pre Arab empire indigenous, non Arab & 1/2 Arabist empire colonizing PeninsulaArab rooted! The PhilistineGreek identity, was not at all ethnic Arab! The JudaeanHebrew language,is 90% mutually intelligible with her sister common Canaanite dialects! Arabic is about 50% mutually intelligible with common Canaanite! PalestineArab identity, is not indigenous compared with Ashkenazi, let alone Sephardic JudaeanHebrew identity! PalestineArab identity, has a pro Jewish part of it’s Arabist empire roots! The Koran is 100% pro Zionist! The Koran defines Islam, as doing your best, to practice social living! Liberating your neighbors from slavery, is a close summary of the Koran’s self defining of the meaning of Muslim! The Arabist empire , was not assigned to Arabize the Holy Land! The Holy Land, was assigned to the nation of Israel, by the Koran’s recital of Allah’s prescribed Zionist bestowal on Israel! The Arabist empire, created a new PalestineArab identity, from a past ,that did not even have a Palestine non Arab identity! Palestine only existed for not more than several hundred years, before the Arabist empire was started. PalestineArab is not PhilistineGreek or JudaeanHebrew Canaanite or anything else Canaanite! PalestineArab is supposed to be Zionist allied, by order of the Koran’s self defined goals! PalestineArab is the local Arabist empire identity, like SudanArab or EgyptianArab are! PalestineArab is no more indigenous, than SudanArab killers of Darfur African Muslim non Arabs! PalestineArab identity,is no more indigenous than EgyptianArab is ,while EgyptianArabs kill EgyptiCoptic indigenous non Arabs! PalestineArab is no more indigenous than SyrianArabs killing indigenous SyriacAramaeams or SyrianArabs killing AramaicAssyrians! PalestineArab, is no more indigenous than MauritanianArabs holding African Muslim non Arab slaves! PalestineArab individuals are real people, all right! PalestineArab is a real local Arabist empire colonial identity, for sure! But there are no more Palestinians, than there were Philistine-ians! PalestineArab identity, had better get with the real facts, that the Koran requires 100% pro Zionist action! The Koran does not compromise on it’s 100% pro Zionist agenda! PalestineArab identity only exists, because of the Koran defining good Muslims,by their lending their helping hands, to neighbors in need or oppressed,enslaved or captured by outside oppressors! The Arabist empire, had one reason for legit existence! The pro Zionist agenda of the Koran , is spelled that out quite explicitly! PalestineArabs exist, but Palestinians or Palestinian Arabs ,do not. PalestineArabs are the 1/2 brothers of JudaeanHebrew Canaanites, outside of the nation of Israel! If PalestineArabs want to stay in their invisible empire of Arabist klansmen, that is their choice! It is not anybody else’s job or mitszva to create a PalestineArab identity. Palestinian, is as redundant as Philistinian! PhilistineGreek was not PalestineArab or Common Canaanite, at all!

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    Nice content sir

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