Is Zionism Under Threat of Redefinition by Non-Jews? (Part 2 of 2)

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  1. Roger Froikin says:

    Sheri, I wonder from your comments whether you read Fred’s comments as carefully as you should. Your response does not seem to be “responsive” and it is too rambling and incoherent, and yes, I read it twice. Fred’s point is that only the peoples involved should be defining themselves and their interests. I thing, reading your comments, that you agree with that, but you pose it as if you don’t.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article (twice!) and to comment. I guess I could have been clearer about the points I was trying to make and given your comment here, I may just go back and revise the article so it will read better, hopefully. Anyway, I was taking issue with Fred’s suggestion that our Zionism was in response to something in the environment and not just a natural part of who we are, with his suggestion that we are in danger of letting non-Jews take over our definition of Zionism (because a right-wing Christian group thinks we should stay in J&S), and with any comparison with the Palestinian Arabs (i.e., that their cause has been taken over by outsiders). This latter shows a lack of understanding of a major difference between the Jewish People and the new Palestinian Arab “people”. I put that in quotations because it is not yet clear whether or not they truly are a people. They were easily manipulated because they certainly were not a people in 1948 and 1967. We are an ancient people with a long history and not so easily manipulated (as a whole). Does that make sense?

  2. Ron Barak says:

    A small erratum:
    could have be driven by non-Jews -> could have been driven by non-Jews

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Thanks, Ron. I could say that I leave these little tidbits for you to find so I know you have been and have read my piece (but it wouldn’t be true so I won’t). 🙂

  3. Steve Blowers says:

    It is facile to even equate the Palestinian cause” with Zionism. Interestingly, Fred Maroun cites an example of a right wing Christian group as an example of the perceived threat of replacement and usurping of that which he now thinks is exclusive to Jews. Susskind Sacks is the most rabidly anti Christian person I have ever had dealings with and this is the underlying reason, I believe, for the need she feels to dictate who, or who cannot call themselves Zionist. I wrote a piece a year ago which I believe still exists on this site, which explains why I consider myself a Zionist though I am also a Christian.
    You are right in saying that Zionism is the very heart and soul of the Jew. To know and understand that is to love the Jew. Many, including Christians, may be misguided in the way they express that love. In no way should that love ever take away from, or usurp. That is not what love is. Love doesn’t dictate. Fred’s attempt to drag Zion down to mere politics totally misses the spirit of Zion.

    • Roger Froikin says:

      I know Bat Zion quite well, and in no way is she anti-Christian. Being proudly pro-Jewish and pro-Israel is not being anti-Christian. Is being French Patriot being anti Italian or anti-American? Of course not. And, by the way, Fred did not attempt to drag down anyone or anything. You missed the point of his comments.

      • Steve Blowers says:

        I work with Jews locally to advocate for Israel. They accept me as a Christian, Bat Zion does not. To dismiss those with whom you disagree as “rambling and incoherent,” or, “You missed the point…” doesn’t really address the issue. Bat Zion is anti Christian because she believes they are out to take that which belongs to the Jews, whatever she understands “that” to be. As Sheri points out in her writing on this issue, you cannot issue orders as to what someone should, or should not, believe. That shuts the door on intelligent discussion.

  1. February 11, 2017

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