Surest Way to the Next Holocaust

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  1. An interesting, and no doubt accurate read. Thank you.

  2. Ken Besig says:

    Israel is in the odd position of trying to negotiate with the genocidal Palestinians and most of the Arabs over our right to exist, not just as Israel but as the Jewish People as well. It is difficult for Israel to settle with our Arab enemies when every plan they put forth, and every suggestion they make always has one and only one outcome, the global genocide of the Jewish People and the local destruction of Israel. The only real hope Israel has is a strong and effective IDF and a real faith that HaShem really is watching over Israel and frustrating our many enemies.

  3. anneinpt says:

    My son lives in Peduel and we visit there very often. The view from his house is almost identical to the lookout, simply breathtaking. And the first time I saw it I thought to myself “How could ANYONE think we are going to give this away??” (I refuse to use the term “give back”. It was never the Palestinians’ to begin with).

    Your article is spot on, as usual. It’s not the external enemy which will kill us. It is our own wishful thinking that could, חס ושלום, lead us to a situation where our external enemy is in the position that it could kill us.

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