Why I Don’t Care Where Yasser Arafat Was Born And Why You Shouldn’t Either

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  1. Arthur says:

    I thought it was his grandfather who was from Gaza.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      His father was born in Gaza City and his father’s mother was from Egypt. His 5 older brothers were born in Gaza before the family moved to Egypt.

  2. Chris Moyler says:

    Brilliant! Plain simple truth!

    But the truth concerning the Jewish people and their Covenant Land is yet deeper…..

    The Jewish people were brought into being by the Creator in order to reveal himself to the whole world through them. Before they even placed one foot in their land, and in the full knowledge of their later moral failure and subsequent two exiles, he nevertheless married Israel at Sinai.

    This was no mere figure of speech or allegory. This was an actual historical event in Israel’s history. 70 of the elders of Israel dined with God on the mountain, and Torah was given as the marriage covenant. This is precisely why, when Israel turned to other nations for help, instead of to Him, the LORD could rightly accuse his people of adultery.

    The prophets spoke of two exiles and two returns, based not on Israel’s faithfulness to her husband, but on his faithfulness to her. Her return to the land in our day is the demonstration to all the world firstly that the Creator exists but secondly that he remains Israel’s faithful and long suffering husband.

    He will now glorify himself through her to the entire watching world and he will fully restore David’s Kingdom in Jerusalem, from where he will govern the entire world.

    Sadly, the “Palestinians” are mere disposable pawns in the One World Government agenda, of which the UN is the figurehead. This puts Israel and the wider world into irrevocable conflict until Messiah returns to finally save her.

    Thus, the Israel/Palestinian conflict is truly of worldwide significance. It is a spiritual war at its heart, not a geographical political one. It can, therefore, only have a spiritual solution.

    When and only when, Jerusalem is at peace, only then will the whole world know peace.

    Thank you. C

  3. Michael Dar says:

    I don’t quite understand the need to indulge in such completely needless intellectual acrobatics. Meant to prove what? The son of a bitch was born in Cairo, lived most of his life in Arab countries served and promoted Arab Nationalism before the fraudulent, fake, artificial invention of that “Palestinian” Nationalism in the 1960’s. Since the bastard himself lied about it pretending he was born in Jerusalem (and was an Arb refugee) to fabricate his tailored made fake narrative we must for historic accuracy insist he was born in Cairo!

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Nowhere do I suggest we falsify the fact he was born in Cairo. The issue is about peoplehood and not about where someone was born. There is no “Palestinian People” regardless of whether or not the so-called Palestinian Arab was born in Mandatory Palestine and descended from a direct line beginning with original colonialists who came during the Muslim Conquest. By harking on the fact that Arafat was born in Cairo totally distracts from the important fact that there was never a “Palestinian” people.

  4. Michelle Harrison says:

    Really well put. Israel is our homeland, and we as people, tribes, are from there. It is the only Jewish homeland, the only land that can be claimed by us. All the other arguments are to justify the attempt to destroy Israel and the Jews. Throughout history “they” never give up trying, and we must never give up or become complacent about protecting our rights to exist in our homeland.

  5. Julio Azancot Franco says:

    We all knows never existed a land as Palestine is has been a land call Palestine by the diferent colonial people and they all knows it. The ones who call Palestinians are not the only ones who intend to send jewish to the sea.
    Is the homeland of jewish and we are the ones to claim for Israel, therefore it is only Israel who has the right to claim Israel as our State, Shalom Julio Azancot Franco.

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