Do Not Mistake This For Weakness

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  1. Israel is limited as to what and how hard it may respond to Palestinian terrorist atrocities, this is a well know if disturbing fact. Any and all actions taken by Israelis to defend themselves, respond to terrorist attacks, or to even prevent terror attacks are routinely condemned by the European Union, most of the EU populations, and all the so called human rights organizations. We Israeli Jews are threatened with sanctions by Europe and even military intervention against Israel. The truth is that we Israeli Jews are not weak, but we are wise!

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I do not consider that wisdom any longer. I wish we had a contemporary Menachem Begin – remember what he said? He told those who believed it was their right to tell us how to react by reminding them that nobody came to our aid in the past and we ask nobody to come to our aid today. We hold our heads high. We do what needs to be done.

  2. Uri Megidish was murdered by one of his greenhouse workers 15 Adar 5753. He was thirty-nine.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      One of too many who were murdered by those who knew them personally. After all, why am I surprised? Neighbours and friends turned on neighbours and friends in the Hebron pogrom.

  3. The hate against us and against Israel only seems to be growing. Until the last ten years I never really understood how the 1930’s became the 1940’s and the Holocaust. It seems absurd that Jews could be blamed for every bad thing in society. But now I watch it happen around the world, as if the years between Holocaust and now were just a time to gather strength and raise the ugly face of antisemitism again. It seems the real reason to study history is so one can repeat the same evil more efficiently.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Yes, it is as if we are repeating the 1930s. Some say this is the age before Messiah. Perhaps WW II was only a practice run for what is supposed to take place before Messiah appears.

  4. anneinpt says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head perfectly, as usual Sherri. The balance we need to strike between weakness, or maybe just flaccidity in our response to terrorism, and between strength – demolishing villages, collective punishment, mass expulsion – is something that I doubt we will ever manage to do perfectly.

    But what I am most angry about is the response fo our government. Or rather, our non-government. They are not LEADING!

    Bibi is nowhere to be found, he is busy addressing foreign organizations, the UN, etc., but within Israel? Nada. When is the last time he addressed the nation? When is the last time he visited the Otef Gaza yishuvim? Why does he not at least explain the reasoning behind our lack of response to the fire terrorism in the south? Even if we don’t agree with it we will have an idea of the government’s position.

    His Defence Minister Liberman talks a great game but does nothing.

    The army seem busy looking over their shoulders at the army of lawyers chasing them, ready to accuse them of human rights violations. This despite the fact that no matter WHAT we do we get accused of such so why should we even try so hard?

    Our judicial system is a joke. Every inch of Jewish houses that MIGHT have violated a Palestinian’s rights is destroyed to the foundations. but a terrorist’s house? God forbid!! Maybe they’ll block up his bedroom.

    It is pathetic and I am FURIOUS!!

    Maybe WE are not weak but our government is. It is beyond time that they resigned, and let us choose someone who can lead and govern.

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