Feeling Sorry for Gazan Civilians?

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  1. Drew says:

    Hamas was formed in 1987, several decades after the Zionists launched their war and conquest of Palestine. If you want to know why Hamas exists, look in the mirror. You will see the face of settler colonialism, a Zionist from Toronto with Eastern European ancestry who thinks that she see is more entitled to her own state in Palestinians than a Palestinian whose family has lived in Palestine for generations.

    While you are beating up on Palestine, take a look at your own government, dreck like Benjamin Netanyahu née Mileikowsky, Bezalel Smotrich and his fellow Kahanists. Take a look at the past terrorists that served as Israeli Prime Ministers, including David Ben-Gurion née Gruen from Eastern Europe, Menachem Begin née Biegun from Eastern Europe, Yitzhak Shamir née Yezernitsky from Eastern Europe, Ariel Sharon née Scheinermann, son of immigrants from Eastern Europe. Think there wasn’t a European conquest?

    • Drew says:

      Meant beating up on Hamas.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      You should have checked history of Hamas on Wikipedia. Thi is what you would have found: “Hamas’s origins can be traced to the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928.[110] The Muslim Brotherhood arose as an attempt to have Islamic values extend beyond the mosque into the secular sphere, where it challenged the core assumptions, social, political, ideological, nationalist and economic of the existing ruling order.[111] In 1935 it established contacts in Mandatory Palestine and in 1945 inaugurated its first branch in Jerusalem.[112] Following the Nakba in 1948, which shattered Palestinian society, the Muslim Brotherhood was one of the first organizations to reestablish itself among the Palestinians.”

      So nationalism is okay when it is Islamic nationalism but not Jewish? And as you can see, Hamas/Moslem Brotherhood arose long before anyone could have accused Jews of colonizing their own land.

      • Drew says:

        You know darn well that I have never said that nationalism is okay when it is Islamic nationalism but not Jewish.

        Zionism is settler colonialism and it is not solely Jewish land. The solipsism, the arrogant entitlement to exclusive rights to an area of land simply because you are of a certain religion, is highly distasteful.

  2. Erwin Schrödinger says:

    Why is the video unavailable? Is it available elsewhere?

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