Rowan Dean: How Dare the Israeli Government Prevent Jews from being Killed?

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  1. Drew says:

    Israel is the oppressor and has been oppressing the people in Gaza for 73 years. Yes, you read that right, 73 years, since 1948, when Israel decided to store innocent Palestinians refugees and their descendants in Gaza and not let them return to their homes. Instead, Israel gave the refugees’s property to Zionists. So the people in Gaza look through their fenced off land into Israel and see Zionists farming their land for which they have not paid a penny. Some call that theft.

    From 1967 to 2005 Israel attempted to colonize Gaza and to “thin out” the Palestinian population. Israel built segregated Zionist only properties for its colonists.

    Israel had no right to cut off Gaza from the rest of the land between the river and the sea. Israel started to cut off Gaza in 1991, well before the 2005 pull out.

    Israel pulled its colonists out of Gaza in 2005, but has continued to control much of Gaza, including a strip of land inside Gaza known as an Access Restricted Area. Israel also controls Gaza’s birth and death registry, air space through which it constantly and illegally flies drones, coastline, crossing into Palestine, and electro magnetic spectrum. The people of Gaza tried to use the greenhouses that Israel left behind, but Israel refused to allow crops grown in the greenhouses to be exported, the crops rotted, and the greenhouse businesses failed. Don’t fall for the Israeli propaganda that the people in Gaza destroyed the greenhouses.

    So Israel has visited violence upon Gaza constantly since 1948. Gaza is an open air prison for millions of innocents and Israel runs the prison.

    All that said, I don’t believe that Hamas should be firing missiles into Israel, even though people have the right to resist their oppressors. Let’s just put the violence in its proper context.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      It would take too long to refute your points here I already told you that this conversation is over because of that. You do not believe Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish country – you think I should go back to Toronto “where I supposedly belong” or is it Poland where I supposedly belong. Just let me say that I hope you are a contracts lawyer writing up peoples’ wills because if this is the quality of your argumentation in a court of law, then a court of law is not where you should be.

      • Drew says:

        My peers in large international law firms and medium law firms gave me the highest rating possible on Martindale.

        Talk is cheap. Truth is that you can’t refute a thing. The Absentee Property Laws, for example, were passed in the early 1950. They exist.

      • Drew says:

        Israel is not a Jewish country. There are more non-Jews living between the river and the sea than Jews.

        Facts are stubborn things – John Adams

        • Sheri Oz says:

          Facts certainly are stubborn things: According to the World Bank, the 2017 population in the Palestinian Authority (Gaza and Areas A and B of Judea & Samaria) was 4.86 million and the Arab population in Israel brings that up to over 6 million. The Jewish Population of Israel is over 7 million. So, while the difference is not great, there are still more Jews than non-Jews. And not all of the non-Jews are Arabs, btw. Details probably do not interest you.

          You are also probably not interested in the fact that there are other options for resolution of the conflict other than one-state versus two-state solution. You would like to see Israel cease to exist totally. For that reason, there is no discussion possible.

          • Drew says:

            Population counts and people actually living on the land are 2 different things. Many Israelis Jews have left the land, especially those that want no part in what Israel is doing there.

            I never said that I want to see Israel cease to exist. I do not even think in terms of nation states. I want an end to one people being privileged over another, across the globe, not just Israel. You may call the land Israel,
            others may call it Palestine, wave whatever flag you want. There was a mountain in Alaska named Denali that the U.S. renamed McKinley. It’s now named Denali again, according to the U.S. Do you think anyone really cares? Do you think the Native Americans stopped calling it Denali?

            Think outside the nation state box and cease linking your religion, your identity, your essence with a government. Governments are simply centers of power that come and go. What’s in your heart and home are forever.

          • Sheri Oz says:

            Israel is in my heart and Israel is my home. You can be a globalist and think that nations are passee. But you have no right to tell me what to feel, toward what, or what to think.

          • Drew says:

            I’m not telling you what to feel or think. Just keep in mind that Israel is not a place in a history book and you don’t have to be Jewish to be attached to the land. Solipsism is not a good thing.

          • Sheri Oz says:

            If this sentence is not telling me what to think, then I guess I don’t know what telling me what to think really is: “Think outside the nation state box and cease linking your religion, your identity, your essence with a government.”

        • Natan Z says:

          Don’t fool yourself – Israel is, indeed, and thank G’d a Jewish country. Israel did not, as of yet, annex the West Bank. Israel IS a majority of Jews…half-truth tellers like you obfuscae truth, hence you are a gd liar.

          • Drew says:

            It’s spelled God, and if you must genuflect to some imaginary sky gods, then I recommend the Greek or Norse gods. They are much more fun and interesting than the genocidal, jealous maniac described in the Torah, a work of fiction, borrowed from other myths.

          • Drew says:

            It’s 2021, for goodness sake. Time to move on from Bronze Age myths.

      • Drew says:

        Let’s be clear. All people oppose colonization, it doesn’t matter whether the colonists are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Han Chinese, European, Japanese, or whatever. People like Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Moshe Dayan were at least honest about the nature of Zionism.

        You are honest too, when you write that Israel will never be a land for all its people. You, a Jew from Canada with Eastern European ancestry and no know ancestors in the land, advocate for Jewish Supremacy in the land.

    • larrysherman says:

      We’ll talk about the issue of ‘Palestinian refugees’ right after the discussion on the Jewish refugees from Arab lands were discussed. More Jews were kicked out of their homes in Arab countries and had their property and businesses confiscated than there were ‘Palestinian refugees’.

      • Drew says:

        Linking the issue of Palestinian refugees and Jewish refugees is a way for Israel and its supporters to duck responsibility for its behavior. It’s quite disingenuous and this linkage does not even pass the smell test in a court of law, as Israel knows when it was sued for seizing Arab bank accounts in June 1948, a racist/bigoted and criminal act.

        In addition, Israel encouraged Jews to leave Arab countries and go to Israel, and even engaged in false false operations so that Jews would leave Arab countries.

        • Sheri Oz says:

          Linking the issue is something that only started happening in the past few years and it is a way for Israel to say that the so-called Palestinians are not the only ones who were displaced in 1948. Iraqi Jews had to leave or be killed, for example. And if you are talking about Israel “encouraging” Jews to leave Arab countries, that is not the right term for it. The right term is rescuing them. Such as Jews who were rescued from Yemen and more recently from Ethiopia. If you think this is fake and false, then you are ignorant.

          Thank-you for bringing the issue of the bank accounts to my attention. I was not aware of it and it appears that only recently, via Skreemati Mitter in her PhD thesis, was it raised. You do know, of course, that all the assets and properties owned by Jews in Iraq, Iran, Morroco and more were confiscated when they became refugees in Israel, do you not? At a time when they needed their own personal resources to make a new life for themselves in Israel. But you do not care about that, do you?

          Whatever you say comes from the position that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state. Do you wonder about Jordan and whether or not it has a right to exist as a Moslem country? It was “created” out of 70% of the British Mandate for Palestine. And the Brits brought in a Saudi to rule over the Palestinian majority there — the minority were Bedouin who would move between land that became Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The Palestinian majority in Jordan is discriminated against; no Jew can buy an apartment there and would certainly not be given citizenship if one would want it. Why do you only rant and rave about Israel? It makes me think that you care less about humanitarian issues and more about getting rid of Israel.

          • Drew says:

            Israel has been disingenuously linking the Palestinian refugee issue that Israel caused and the property that Israel misappropriated with the Jewish refugee and property allegedly lost by Jews for decades. Israel wrongfully refuses to pay for property it misappropriated from its owners and leased or sold to Zionists based on the alleged wrongful actions of other countries at other times. The Jewish refugee issue did not arise in 1948.

            Now you link the stolen bank account issue with what happened in another country. Please cite to any law that allows a wrongdoer to escape liability because of another person’s wrongful action that happened somewhere else to someone else at a different time. You can’t do it. If I stole your money in 2017 and you sued me, do you think an Israeli court would let me defend my actions based on a Zionist in, say Canada, stealing money from an anti-Zionist in 2021?

            This blog is entitled Israel Diaries, so of course my comments are focused on Israel. As you well know, I don’t support any religious state and I am highly critical of other countries, including the United States and Israel’s quiet ally, Saudi Arabia. If you’d like to discuss another country, that’s fine with me. And no, I don’t think Israel should be a Jewish state, and, in fact, it’s not, since roughly the same number of Jews and non-Jews are living between the river and the sea.

            Trans-Jordan was excluded from the area for a Jewish home in accordance with the 1922 Mandate for Palestine. Accordingly, the Zionists have utterly no claim on that land, despite the lunatic ravings of a few Zionist extremists. The British bringing in a Hashemite ruler over Trans-Jordan has nothing to do with Israel. The British screwed things up in much of the world.

            How do you know that I rave about Israel or only focus on Israel? Are you getting ready to call me a self-loathing Jew in need of psychiatric care because you think that I focus on Israel? That is a typical and disingenuous Zionist stratagem and smear. What if I do focus on Israel? You do, don’t you? Should I call you a self-obsessed Jew, a member of a cult, a fanatic?

            Don’t you think one has to chose one’s battles? There are 195 countries in the world and they all have problems, some more than others. I don’t know about you, but I have to sleep, cook, eat, wash, work, etc. Sorry, I don’t have time to equally focus on all countries in the world. In addition, I do have skin in the game with Israel. My country is financing Israel’s settler colonialism, my purported co-religionists are supporting Israel, Israel purports to be my country and to represent me, and the Zionists lied to me and my children. And yes, all countries lie and spew propaganda, including the United States, which has had a series of dishonest governments for my entire life.

  2. Natan Z says:

    Absolutely powerful

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