Fateful days: the same Netanyahu, the same security system – they don’t think long term

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  1. John McDonagh says:

    I agree, and yet large sections of Israeli society are threatening to “burn the country” if Bibi doesn’t secure a deal, there’s the American plot to overthrow the Netanyahu government and American interference in the war in Gaza, especially regards Rafah! And, God forbid, if most of the hostages are already dead, who is going to be blamed? PM Netanyahu is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t cut a deal to secure more hostages. And, in reality, all of Israel is held hostage by Hamas and interfering “friends.” Finish the job, win the war, destroy Hamas.

  2. Israel Pickholtz says:


  3. Martin H Katchen says:

    Three points. Firstly, destroying Hamas in Gaza, while necessary is not sufficient to kill Hamas when it is headquartered in Qatar and is reputed to have 12000 fighters in Jordan. Secondly, to state the obvious, replacing Bibi with Benny Gantz does not replace the America oriented political Establishment. And thirdly, going forward, I would hope that Israel would at the very least tear up its memorandum of understanding with the US that it will not produce any weapons it can buy from the US. The US is not a reliable weapons supplier as Ukraine has found out. It no longer has the industrial base to produce weapons in the quantity needed for high intensity warfare. American weapons are overpriced, of limited quantity and apparently do not perform as advertised. Israel needs to produce its own weapons cheaply. A high volume of drones and missiles is more relevant to Israels needs than F35s. The problem with the US ( and until October 7, Israel ) is thatthe US is geared to fight low intensity warfare that amounts to police action. The US hasn’t fought a high intensity war since the Korean Conflictand has believed that high intensity warfare is obseleted by nuclear weapons and financialization. Economic sanctions are the first American weapon of choice. So what Israel needs to do is to become as self sufficient as possible and as much as possible, sanction proof its economy.

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