OUTRAGEOUS! America shackles an ally: why?

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  1. John McDonagh says:

    I too have been asking for quite some time now, why is America defending Iran? Yes, the US and others helped to prevent the Iranian attack at the weekend succeeding yet, it was an attack by Iran announced a good week in advance. Rumours and predictions were flying for days on end but what if it had been a surprise attack with little or no warning? Something is more than a little off with this scenario, isn’t it? Iran is allowed to flex its muscles, the USA is able to send a strong message to any potential players in the region, and Israel is warned off from responding to what amounted to a declaration of war by Iran. I wonder if Biden – or rather, Obiden – is preparing to shoot down IAF planes on their way to Iranian targets like Obama once threatened? Why is the US defending Iran? Money has to be at the root of it all but sooner or later Iran will cross a red line that even Obiden can’t ignore.

  2. Israel Pickholtz says:

    You write “Of course countries act out of their own interests and not for moral, humanitarian, or friendly reasons.”
    Not quite. If it were true, this war would have been over forty-eight hours after it began.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      We don’t know what the USA said/threatened to make it in our interest not to end the war in 48 hours.

  3. John McDonagh says:

    Another way of looking at things is to consider the Iranian bombardment as a somewhat theatrical provocation and distraction, not an existential threat? The existential threats lie on the borders of Israel, namely, Hamas/PIJ in Gaza and S&J, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Iranian militias in Syria. Finishing the business with Hamas in Gaza should be Israel’s top priority along with confronting Hezbollah (and Hamas?) in Lebanon. I mean, if Israel gets involved in a shooting war with Iran (unless forced to) might that not be the optimum time for Hezbollah and what remains of Hamas together with Iranian forces in Syria to attack Israel? My gut feeling is to first remove Hamas from Rafah and end the Gazan threat to Israel’s security, and do it quickly!

    • John McDonagh says:

      Correction to above: The Iranian aggression obviously does represent an existential threat, what I meant to say iis that it might not be an immediate ongoing threat, whereas the various proxies do represent clear and present dangers.

      • Sheri Oz says:

        I understand what you mean and I agree that Hamas has to be taken out totally and asap. We have already begun to go into Rafah. The north could explode in war at any moment at the same time.

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