Ceasefire? A Slippery Thing when Dealing with Hamas

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  1. Kenneth Besig says:

    Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides, even our one time ally the USA has abandoned us, indeed some of our worst enemies live among us. It is a a very tragic situation.

    • AsheDina says:

      The truth is: America has not been a friend of Israel (a real friend) since Jimmy Carter.

      • Drew says:

        What an ingrate!

        Please get your hands out of our wallets.

        • Sheri Oz says:

          Happily. I have been saying for years that we stop this farce of American funds that only makes us purchase our weapons from the USA and forbids us from making them ourselves.

        • AsheDina says:

          You dont like the truth.

          1. 1979, Dem, Jimmy Carter, Begin and Sadat drafted a ‘peace deal’ called Camp David accords. For the ‘peace’, Egypt would receive 2.3 billion annually and Israel 2.7 billion annually. 400 mill goes to the “Palestinians”.
          Israel didnt ‘ask for it’, that was the ‘deal’.

          2. In the 90’s, Barak, Clinton and Arafat made a ‘deal’ which even shocked Clinton: 97% Arafat demands were MET by Barak. Arafat said NO and walked away.

          3. 98-early 2000’s, the US Govt kept telling Israel to ‘not allow things to get escalated’. So, Israel ‘took’ the bombs at cafe’s, on buses, pizza parlors, coffee shops and more.

          4. 2005, Sharon, Bush and Arafat agreed to give up the Gaza strip (Gush Katif) which made 10K Jews refugees in Jewish land.

          5. Obama wants Israel to go back to 67 borders and then tries to send Palis another 223 million on top of millions in handouts through his 8 yrs.

          6. Israel PAYS BACK loans. No hands are ‘in your pocket’.

          And, Israel is supposed to be ‘grateful’ for what your govt has done in the name of ‘peace?’
          Go to hell.
          You’re not a friend. Your govt is an ENEMY not just to Israel but 50 plus other countries.

    • Drew says:

      Israel has peace treaties with 2 of its neighbors, Egypt and Jordan.

      The sooner the U.S. cuts ties with Israel, the better. Better yet would be the U.S. joining the BDS campaign until (1) all people between the river and the sea have equal rights, human rights, freedom, liberty, and justice, (2) the Palestinian refugees are allowed to return, and (3) misappropriated property is returned to its rightful owner and reparations are paid.

      • AsheDina says:

        Join the BDS campaign!! DO IT!
        In the end, we win anyway.

        Zechariah 14: 2 I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it. Then the Lord will go out and fight against those nations, as he fights on a day of battle

        GO FOR IT!
        1967 ring a bell? 22 nations tried it.
        Good luck, Commie!

  2. Excellent article and unfortunately totally spot on. I am almost speechless with rage at our “government”, or whatever that non-functioning craven conglomeration of useless politicians can be called. Worse is the utter frustration that the voice of the citizens is ignored. Democracy? You’ve got to be kidding!

    As for the corrupt judiciary and the inept keystone cops police force… look at Lod and Acco today, days after the “ceasefire”. Look at the fire balloons already returned to the Gaza envelope. “We’ll fire back at any display of terror”. Yeah right. I could have written the script myself.

  1. May 22, 2021

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