Elor Azaria: Bad Luck Soldier Or Vigilante

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  1. Graham Coffey says:

    In late January 1970, a Turkish Cypriot ‘Patriot’….who had been “dead” for a good three quarters of an hour, edged a WW2 Webley .45 Revolver from beneath his prostrate body and (randomly) shot dead a distant youthful Greek Cypriot spectator, to the murderous melee that had taken place.

    It was sad that no one had thought to establish the ‘level of deadness’ in that Turkish Cypriot. Understandably, he was ‘again’ shot dead….immediately there after…with three bullets entering his head.

    In what was, and essentially is a war zone….I wouldn’t wish to make a judgement on Azaria. In this matter, only one authority can call a judgement…when that time comes.

    Needless to say, everything considered, his contemporary mortals should be thankful no further life was lost….by a possible ‘dead’ terrorist combatant.

  1. January 2, 2017

    […] If we want to give the the officers credit (that I’m not sure they deserve), this appears to be an example of gross misjudgement on their part. I can only assume that the police who arrived had been affected by the urgent tone that likely brought them to this spot or by the emotions raging in the atmosphere at the site. They may also have been affected by the horrid attack not far from there just a few hours previously.That does not excuse their overly quick and disproportionate (yes, I will use that word in this instance) use of force. UPDATE 2 Jan 2017 – I spoke with Mickey Rosenfeld, Israeli Police Foreign Press Spokesman, and he gave me more details about what happened here that put this whole incident in a different light. I write about that here. […]

  2. January 5, 2017

    […] or to condemn those condemning the Military Court. I am not prepared to do either just as I was not prepared to declare a verdict myself before the court had made its own decree. I am still asking myself questions.  Here are some of […]

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