A Trauma Therapist on the Ongoing Victim Status of the Palestinian Arabs

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  1. Pirate Jenny says:

    One thing that one sees in victims of trauma, is that it sometimes happens that they’ll shift the blame for it in their own minds and memory. It’s easier to see the culprit as a hated outsider, rather than someone close or one’s own family.

    It’s true that some of these people have been traumatized–by a toxic deathcult ideology that treats them as expendable pawns in a soul-destroying campaign of supremacist hate; and, for women, as expendable tokens of the ‘honor’ of the men in their extended families–among other things. They may have been traumatized by their society’s *myth* about the Israelis.

    But they have not been traumatized by the Israelis.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      It is so hard to sort through all the complexities of the relevant issues. Thanks for adding a bit more detail to our understanding.

      • Drew says:

        You’re a bigot, a settler colonist, and brainwashed and indoctrinated beyond belief, excusing every crime that Israel and the Zionists have committed. Frankly, it’s sickening. And you ran away because of you’re a rank coward and can’t handle the truth.

        • Sheri Oz says:

          I am running away from nothing, just no point in continuing to try to engage in conversation with someone who accuses me of what he, himself, is guilty of. Had you read more widely than the likes of electronic intifada and Pappe and co., you may actually open your brain to consider the complexities and context of Israeli society. Perhaps even reading other articles on this website may prove educational. You do not accept the legitimacy of Israel and you would like to see it disappear into the sea of Moslem countries in the neighbourhood, such successful countries as Lebanon and Syria and Jordan. Jordan may appear stable but this stability comes from outside support provided, in part, by Israel herself. I just hope the day does not come when you will need refuge from the growing antisemitism in your country because then you will seek to be admitted to a country you want to see disappear for reasons you do not even understand.

          • Drew says:

            I will never take refuge in the apartheid state of Israel. I would prefer to die as a victim than live as a victimizer.

          • Sheri Oz says:

            Of course that is your right to so choose. What I find interesting is that you, as a lawyer, do not seem able to examine ALL the evidence and weigh it up. You would appear more intelligent were you to actually give reasons for thinbking Jews are settler-colonialists, drawing on (international) precedents as lawyers do. You would also appear more intelligent were you to give concrete examples of Israeli brutality and hearing contesting opinions. You know, if you are putting yourself up as able to judge, then behave like a judge and listen to all the arguments, analyze them and then decide. Instead, you very idiotically repeat lame propaganda bytes.

          • Drew says:

            It’s your blanket condemnation of Muslims including your opposition to the return of Palestinian Muslim refugees that establishes your abject bigotry. Of course, many Palestinian refugees are Christians.

            It’s your arrogant entitlement to a sovereign Jewish state in a land where Jews are the minority right now, even without the return of the refugees, that establishes your bigotry.

            Of course, there are people from all three of the not so great not so monotheistic religions that none of us would want to live with or under, like the Taliban, the Mullahs in Iran, Hamas, or your allies, the Saudis. Christian evangelicals are no prize. Then there is Smotrich and his ilk. Religion is a plague. It’s your similarity to this dreck that makes you a bigot. It’s your lumping all Muslims together that makes you a bigot. It’s your arrogant entitlement to a sovereign Jewish state that makes you like this dreck.

          • Sheri Oz says:

            The Saudis are not our allies — they are not one of the countries that signed an agreement with us. Perhaps only not yet, but still, accuracy is important, no? When I talk about Islam, I am not talking about all Moslem individuals. Just as there are many Jews (for example, like you) who do not believe in the Torah or Jewish Law, there are many Moslems who are secular and do not believe in Jihad. The Moslems I have a problem with are those who believe in Jihad. Beyond this, I am going to cut this non-conversation off as I am not interested in further name-calling. I will leave your last statement as your last word here and will not approve further comments from you.

    • Drew says:

      You are historically psychotic and as brainwashed and bigoted as Ms. Oz. It’s really pathetic that you could even write such drivel and that Ms. Oz would not take you to task for it. Stuck in the matrix big time. Peaceful co-existence with you morons is impossible.

      • Sheri Oz says:

        Thank-you for you very “intelligent” addition to the conversation.

        • Drew says:

          Pirate Jenny wrote, “But they have not been traumatized by the Israelis.” I double down on my assertion that such a comment demonstrates historical psychosis, brainwashing, and bigotry. As if ethnic cleansing, property theft, bank robbery, apartheid, Jewish Supremacy, living under endless military rule/siege, discrimination, segregation, seeing your society carved up into Bantustans, and all the other horrors that come from settler colonialism would not cause trauma.

          And yes Zionism is settler colonialism, just read Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Moshe Dayan, and other prominent Zionists. They knew exactly what they were doing and so did the Palestinian Arabs.

          • Sheri Oz says:

            You show your ignorance because Jabotinsky also said that we are to treat the Arabs fairly and many Israelis were surprised that so many left. Here is something related to that:
            “The mass exodus of 1948-49 took Israel’s leadership by surprise. As I have already suggested, the Zionist movement had always assumed that there would be a substantial Arab minority in the future Jewish state, and the general conviction was that they would participate on an equal footing “throughout all sectors of the country’s public life.” The words are those of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the founding father of the branch of Zionism that was the forebear of today’s Likud party.”
            Jabontinsky died before this actually came about but that was his belief and expectation.
            You might learn something if you read the entire article linked to here.

  2. Drew says:

    Do you have the courage to approve these quotes from Wikipedia:

    Prominent New Historian Benny Morris called Karsh’s Fabricating Israeli History “a mélange of distortions, half-truths, and plain lies that vividly demonstrates his profound ignorance of both the source material… and the history of the Zionist-Arab conflict,” titling his article “Undeserving of a Reply”.[26] Morris adds that Karsh belabors minor points while ignoring the main pieces of evidence.[27]

    Political scientist Ian Lustick commented that Karsh’s writing in Fabricating Israeli History was malevolent, and his analysis erratic and sloppy.[28][29]

    Yezid Sayigh, professor of Middle East studies, wrote that Karsh “is simply not what he makes himself out to be, a trained historian (nor political/social scientist).”[13] Karsh accused Sayigh of a “misleading misrepresentation of my scholarly background” and retorted that Sayigh’s remarks were “not a scholarly debate on facts and theses but a character assassination couched in high pseudo-academic rhetoric”.[13]

    In a review of Rethinking the Middle East, el-Aswad writes “It seems, in many cases, that whatever does not match the author’s views is charged with fraud and deception”.[30]

    • Sheri Oz says:

      You use Wikipedia as a source? And you don’t give me the link that would permit me to read the quote in context. And this piece refers to an academic debate presenting only one side. Of course Morris comes down on Karsh who slammed HIM in his book. Be courageous and actually read the academic articles debating the issues academically.

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