The Balfour Declaration: How British PM Theresa May Got It Wrong

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  1. Chaya K says:

    Thank you for making these points. If Teresa May had made them part of her statement it would actually have been a more powerful rebuttal of the ridiculous claims of Abbas.

  2. Michael Dar says:

    Indeed semantics, the correct and the right wording used in describing things and events is of prime importance. Even more so because most people are ignorant of the facts, history, background etc. or are just either uninterested or have already a biased hostile opinion which nothing will distract them from. Even we ourselves contributed quite a bit to the wrong terminology which took roots in world’s opinion and by not opposing, reject the many misconception, fake narratives, politically motivated fraudulent inventions etc.

  3. MM says:

    May is speaking from a Gentile’s point of view about a second-person Jewish homeland. The Balfour wasn’t debated at a time when Zionism was not the will of the world’s Jews. 1789 Kiwis died Gaza 1917 but Israel spits in their faces 2016 by declaring war upon New Zealand in sttelement dispute.

  4. John McDonagh says:

    MM Do you enjoy semantic-alphabet soup or do you prefer toasted hogwash?
    1) Even if your inference that World Jewry is not Zionist were correct, so what? Israel is a Sovereign Nation, not a “second-person homeland”!
    2) Are you inventing the notion that the unfortunate 1789 Kiwis who died in Gaza in 1917 during Allenby’s campaign were fighting for said “second-person Jewish homeland”?
    3) Your suggestion that Israel has spit in their faces is a very poor sleight of hand to distract attention away from the actual issues here.

  1. December 19, 2016

    […] Source: The Balfour Declaration: How British PM Theresa May Got It Wrong – Israel Diaries […]

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