You Cannot Divorce an Octopus Until You Release Its Tentacles

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  1. Insightful. I hope it will be discussed widely!

  2. Sheri, you write, “I do not know of any other country in the world that would agree to have parts of itself exist as islands within the territory claimed by its neighbour.” Take a look at the history of the India-Bangladesh border. It was full of bizarre contortions and islands (fingers and pockets and enclaves and even enclaves within enclaves). Some of these dated to the original partition, others to the 1970 war that separated Bangladesh from Pakistan. These have all (or mostly) been smoothed out by treaty, but only within the last few years.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I will have to look into this. As you say, these contortions and islands have been smoothed out – I imagine the land areas involved are much larger than for Israel and that would make a difference regarding the relevant population movements. But something interesting to explore.

  3. By the way, lovely title!

  1. May 14, 2020

    […] The “Divorce” borders may be untenable. […]

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