Bennett Blinked First

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2 responses

  1. Laurence Tauber says:

    The writer’s opprobrium is misplaced. Mr. Bennett after violating a public pledge not to establish a government with the left, cynically established an unstable government to further his personal ambitions, which from its inception lacked sufficient votes on its own to support any critical nationalist or security legislation. This foundation of his coalition was premised on co-opting the right wing to support it on any such important votes, since it was clear that Ra’am and parts of Meretz would not do do. This is not how coalition governments work and it is beyond cynical to expect that the opposition should be willing to be manipulated in this manner.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      In fact, it turned out that Meretz and Ra’am supported the right except for one member of each who failed to vote for the settlement law. You appear not to have read my article “Promises…” in which I explain why he did not violate a public pledge in fact because not agreeing to establish the coalition would have meant violating another of his pledges. He had to make a choice which one to honour. I happen to agree with his choice and I understand that you and many others do not agree.

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