What To Do When Missionaries Come Knocking On Your Door In Israel

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  1. Ilana Bar-Hai says:

    nice article. I recall the law here… What annoys me is that many secular Jews simply do not know enough to counter claims when discussions do arise, and they do in person and on social media. In addition, it is not just about freedom of religion, expression, speech etc, it is unique, in that Jews have been, throughout the ages, subjected to various methods aimed at conversion to christianity, from death, torture, etc to warm, fuzzy lovey attemtps. And still, our democracy allows for it unless of course it is to a minor and with material temptations etc. So yes, it infuriates me.

  1. March 4, 2021

    […] needs to do something about this! It is bad enough having missionaries roaming around Israel, knocking on doors, seeking to convert Jews to Christianity. I was shocked to see two such organizations advertise […]

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