When Israeli Medical Care Pays For Anti-Israeli Terrorism

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  1. “Freedom… for Gaza?” Freedom from whom? We do not rule them.
    Go protest in front of the offces of theur Hamas rulers in Gaza. See how they treat you.

  2. Israel’s worst enemies are leftist Israeli Jews. These often well educated and sometimes well off individuals seem to find more favor serving the Palestinian enemy, who by the way according to their own statements also include the Jewish Left in their genocidal fantasies about wiping out all the Jews and destroying Israel. In my 35 years in Israel, I have been more sickened and horrified by the treacherous Israeli Jewish Left than the worst Palestinian terrorist atrocity against Israel’s non combatant civilians. I know the Palestinians want me dead and Israel gone, I cannot figure out why the Israeli Jewish Left does not realize that they too will go to the Palestinian gas chambers along with the rest of us simply for being Jews, an apparently Palestinian capital offense calling for the death penalty. In far too many ways the Palestinians are imitating Nazi occupied Europe where just being a Jew, secular or religious, observant or not, Left, Right,Zionist, or Revisionist, was a death sentence.
    This is what the Palestinians have tried to accomplish here in Israel. Rather tragically for both sides, the Israeli Jewish Left exacerbates the genocidal Palestinian war to wipe us Jews out by supporting the Palestinians with financing, moral support, legal assistance, pressure on Knesset members to betray Israel, journalistic fabrication of Israeli atrocities while excusing,justifying, and even assisting them in the Palestinian assault on the Jews and Israel.
    The Jewish Israel Left, exemplefied by the terrorist Jewish anti Israel gang calling itself “Peace Now”, has much in common with the Gestapo’s own vile and treacherous Leftist Jew George Soros who sold trusting and naive Jews to the Nazis and was awarded the property of the Jews he sold out, and Soros knowingly spilled Jewish blood for the Nazis in order to save his own skin. And in the case of the Palestinians, if they win, all of us Jews will die horribly at their hands, thus we are forced to fight back, often using quite harsh methods so that our Palestinian enemies, who are trying to slaughter/massacre/genocidally kill as many innocent non combatant Jewish men, women, babies, teens, and the old and sick Jews as they can. We Israeli Jews must see to it that the Palestinians do not succeed, ever.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I also cannot figure out how the left in Israel does not understand that the Palestinian Arabs seek to wipe us all out. Naivety, purposeful ignorance, an attempt to deal with the dissonance between their ethics and the reality of what we are dealing with here? I do not know.

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