Masha Gessen, this is just wicked

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  1. I have a problem with the concept of open prison being compared to the Holocaust concentration camps. You see, when I Google, “Gaza and resorts” I find:,_Gaza. If I Google “Gaza Shopping Malls,” I find:

    When I Google, “Warsaw Ghetto Resort,” I only find articles about fragments or markers of the boundary walls. Were there no resorts or malls or amusement parks, as there are in Gaza? Oh, and sea beaches with pools?

    Is Google implying that these are not equivalent? In truth, Gaza has never hidden its wealth. On this site:,_Gaza, we read, “The Washington Post describes the hotel as one of a number of luxury businesses catering to wealthy Gazans.[1] According to economic analyst Nizar Sha’ban, “Most foreigners who visit the Strip and stay in its hotels are journalists, aid workers, UN and Red Cross staff.”[4]”

    I can’t get over it, that what is so clear and so not hidden, cannot be seen by “Public Influencers” and their followers who are blinded by their hatred of Jews.

  1. January 1, 2024

    […] Oct 7th and for a long time even before that. Gessen’s brave article, she says (which I critique here), provided her with the word she needed to give her reflections shape — “ghetto.” Gessen, […]

  2. March 18, 2024

    […] Appendix Laurent Wolfe: Writing about journalism and saying this about the war includes a reaction to her article: “I am Jewish. I say that because I am scared.” Lauren Wolfe: Ghettos, Victim Mentality, and Hatred Laurent Wolfe on Gaza Again: Now it’s bothsidesism about rape And a critique of an article she called brave, and that gave her inspiration for the middle one above: Marsha Geshen, this is just wicked […]

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