Will Lauren Wolfe give me a “respectfully, FU” too?

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  1. Ramona Clark says:

    The problem is what passes for journalism or even news for that matter. Most everything is an opinion editorial with no facts to back up opinions. Thank you for being one who brings facts to the issues and not just opinion.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Thank-you for reading and commenting. I do try to make it clear when I am expressing opinion and when I am stating facts.

  2. S Greene says:

    She is a Democrat who despite her claiming otherwise demonstrates her absolute ignorance of Jewish history and our continuous ties to Eretz Yisrael. Further, she ignores what the Palestinians leaders say. They do not want a two state solution and to live in peace. They seek a one state solution and a second Holocaust. The fact that she chooses to give aid and comfort to the enemy of the Jewish people and is a useful idiot makes her opinion worthless.

  3. LarryS says:

    Unfortunately, ‘being educated’ on a topic doesn’t mean you have any idea what it is actually about if you use biased sourced fir your ‘education’.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I agree with your statement and I don’t know if you are saying who is relying on biased sources, me or Wolfe.

  4. SuriW says:

    Another excellent dissection of a so-called ‘journalist’ whose obvious lack of good research is the basis for her biased and garbage opinions. She needs a basic history lesson before she pontificates on a subject she obviously has no real knowledge of. Sort of pathetic…

  5. Good points.
    Now I have to find out who Ms. Wolfe is.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      She is an award-winning journalist who teaches journalism at New York University School of Journalism.

  6. Lise Rosenthal says:

    Interesting that resolute denial of the situation of the Jews—Diaspora as well as, perhaps more than, Israelis—correlates so strongly with Holocaust obsession: I wept at Auschwitz therefore I can deny what’s happening before my eyes. One wave of antisemitism is all I can take and I’m signed up for Nazis.

  7. JeffwithaJ says:

    Why do these types never seem to worry about the Arabs destroying our good will towards them? The Palestinian Arabs have disenfranchised themselves. They act out what is an almost a comical, “Now, look what you made me do,” skit. On the woke Jewish side you’ve got people like Jonathan Glazer and apparently Wolfe preemptively hijacking Auschwitz and then accusing Israel of using Auschwitz as cover for some “crime against humanity.” These are sick people. They are themselves testament to the battering Jews have suffered throughout history. They have internalized antisemitism, taking two unrelated things, Auschwitz and Gaza, and pretending they are the same thing. This is holocaust denial. Sick.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Your wrote: “They are themselves testament to the battering Jews have suffered throughout history.”
      Right on!

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