Contradiction In Ki Tisa: Stiff-Necked Appeasers

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  1. Yael Shahar says:

    I think you’ve put your finger on one of the secrets of Jewish survival—the combination of tenacity and sensitivity to outside influence. On the one hand, we must hold to our most fundamental cultural DNA. On the other, we have to remain aware of changes in the outside world enough to adapt to them. The result is a living, breathing people with a long memory.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Interesting way to put it, Yael. A bit different from what I was saying, from a different angle. And adds something else new.

  2. Matthias Czerny says:

    Hello Sheri!

    I am a little late with commenting but, well, better late than never.

    Thanks for your interesting observations. Indeed it has a great portion of surprise that the Jewish people has survived. It was not only the Holocaust and the aggressive Arabs but dozens, if not hundreds of other hazardous situations and hateful rulers who were after your people. In the end, what did you save?

    I believe it was nothing than the Love of God. You may have upset him in an incredible way but his Grace for you was (and is and will prove to be) even hotter than the combined sins of all times.

    I share your opinion that a better era for the Jews is about to come. Your re-start in Eretz Israel is a key element in this development, even though it is rich in conflicts now.

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