Joseph’s Brothers Prostrated Themselves – Are We? (Bereshit 42:1-7)

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  1. a yid says:

    the bowing is an important question. artscroll 2 vol commentary on breishis here 42:6) refers to Lot with the angels at s’dom and cites avraham 18;2 saying that avraham did not bow to people ‘apayim” meaning all the way down on his face. when it says there he bowed to the ground, it does not say “to the face” meaning all the way down to the ground. i would like to know what meam loez says on this but i don’t have that volume. in this particular instance my guess is that spiritually the brothers were doing teshuvah for what they did to yosef. what makes this passage interesting is that right after this it says yosef “saw” his brothers–which has probably different levels of meaning. as to the prostration, i think more information is needed as it seems to indicate the brothers went all the way down to the ground hands and legs outstretched. maybe yosef’s “seeing” them at that moment saw their humility and teshuvah. i don’t know.

  2. a yid says:

    even though the brothers did not recognize yosef consciously, i am wondering if their bowing was a spiritual recognition and teshuvah etc.

  3. Sheri Oz says:

    Yes, that is an interesting question, “a yid”. And that is one thing I have thought regarding German’s willingness to accept so many Syrian refugees – as atonement for their sins of the Holocaust. Can guilt be playing a role in the behaviours of other world leaders who seem to be leading us down into “slavery”?

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