Nir Barkat: How To Beat Terrorism

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  1. December 8, 2017

    […] You complain that the Transparency Law is specifically geared at limiting the activities of left-wing human rights organizations. This is disingenuous. You know you are not really human rights organizations – you are political organizations masquerading as human rights organizations. You use human rights language quite convincingly. I accept that you sincerely believe that everything you do is truly for the betterment of humanity and you think that you have a monopoly on knowing what this is. But that does not change the fact that you are working toward a particular outcome of Israel’s conflict with the Palestinian Arabs and the moment you deal with outcomes of political-military conflicts, you are a political organization. The moment you talk about “occupation”, “two-state-solution”, etc., you are a political organization. If you were human rights’ organizations, you would be talking about putting up playgrounds and parks, petitioning for teachers to teach the core subjects and not to kill Jews, campaigning on behalf of battered women and abused children, activities such as these, without voicing any opinion about political outcomes. But I doubt foreign governments would donate much to these kinds of projects. And I doubt the Palestinian Authority would cooperate with you on these kinds of projects. Remember Baha Nababta? […]

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