Education Reform: A Leftist Plot?

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5 responses

  1. moshe dann says:

    The problem is that cell phones and social media have replaced realy learning: books, libraries, etc. This “educational reform” does not deal with what is happening to our children via the new technology.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      What you say is true, except that I think that by taking pressure off bagrut exams, they open up the classroom to more in-depth learning that can only be had in debate and discussion.

  2. Batya says:

    This will be very difficult for kids with certain types of learning problems. It sounds more like the schools of the Leftist kibbutzim a few decades ago.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Except that kids with some kinds of learning problems do not do well at all in exams and some have to take them orally. This could open up schools for greater flexibility in both teaching methods and evaluation of pupil progress.

  3. Shlomo K says:

    In my opinion, all bagrut exams should be eliminated. We never had them in the US and there is no need for them here. It is just extra added pressure. High school grades and the psychometric exam are enough to be admitted to university. No need for redundant bagrut exams.

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