What Has Deuteronomy Got to Do with Bullies on Facebook? (Deuteronomy 19:15-21)

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3 responses

  1. Yael Shahar says:

    Excellent article! There is a discussion in the Talmud that makes it clear that if people tried to have someone killed by bearing false witness against him in a capital trial, then they would themselves face the death penalty. In today’s world, that might translate into “naming and shaming” those who try to destroy a person’s career or drive a school kid to suicide. I think if these people knew that their names and faces would (after due investigation) be posted to some indelible database, which could then impact their careers in the future, they would be less eager to take part in these online smear campaigns.

  2. Sheri Oz says:

    Now that sounds like a policy that would be worth implementing. For some people the fear of public exposure and permanent record would be enough to help them control their impulses. For others, as with other kinds of offences, no anticipated punishment seems to deter them.

  3. Brenda Reeves says:

    Thank God we aren’t raising kids in this cyber age. We’ve had incidences in the U.S. of parents joining in on their child’s bullying. I don’t think most adults ever grow up.

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