Passover: the 10th Plague & Protecting Our Kids

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  1. Steve Blowers says:

    “God did not need the blood on the doorpost to distinguish between the Israelite home and the non-Israelite home.” Why not? Perhaps the command to do this points to the very thing necessary to cover our children’s heads, and our own, from evil.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      What I meant was that God did not need it for Himself – He knew the Israelite home and the non-Israelite home. Needing to do it for our sakes – that is where I found the message. So I think we agree, no? Unless I misunderstood your comment.

      • Steve Blowers says:

        I like that you see the necessity to protect our children, this is natural for any parent. I love this story from the Bible because it has a profound meaning for me. It is to do with blood. The shedding of blood ultimately is the covering that God gave to absolve us from sin, hence the sacrificial system of Judaism. The necessity for this still applies today and your point about the Israelites who may have ignored God’s command is also still relevant. I know I am reading into this something other than what you intended, but my prayer always for my children is that they have this covering of the blood so that, even in spite of my mistakes in parenting, they will be safe. I am a Christian and believe the Exodus story is a type for what Jesus did for all our sakes.

        • Sheri Oz says:

          No two people (or more) will ever experience the same thing in the same way. I am glad you find meaning in what I write and write about and the differences between us are complementary and additive and not at all exclusionary or negating.

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