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map of the mediterranean region - who is afraid of the khazars? 9

To Khazaria & Back OR Who is Afraid of Khazars?

For some reason, the Khazar theory has gained a reputation as implying that Ashkenazi Jews are not indigenous to Israel. Anyone who does not come out strongly against the Khazar theory is scorned. In...

maps of Israel and Palestine - anti-semitic propaganda 0

This Scares Me More than Trump or Hillary

Scared about Trump becoming the next president? Scared about Hillary? Here is what scares me more than either of them: anti-Semitic propaganda and the American student! We hear so much about BDS and antisemitism...

Palestinian Flag - 9 reasons I am pro-BDS 2

9 Reasons I Am Pro-BDS

I tried to imagine the attraction of pro-BDS activism to some American and Canadian college students. Here is what I came up with. I’m sure I wasn’t able to come up with every possible...