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new symbols of antisemitism 4

Naomi Friedman: Understanding New Symbols of Antisemitism

Confronting antisemitism today is more difficult than in the past because antisemites are becoming increasingly devious and antisemitic events are less “in-your-face” than the mass protests and violence characterizing earlier years. I want to...

MKs respond to tel aviv terror attack 1

MKs Respond to Tel Aviv Terror Attack

The shooting occurred on Friday afternoon, leaving insufficient time for Members of Knesset (MKs) to respond before Shabbat. That gave them plenty of time to carefully consider what to write on the face they...


Want to Boycott Israel? Ignore This PA University.

Congratulations are in order for An-Najah National University (ANU) of Nablus. It heads the list of the top 12 “Palestinian” universities, ranked by an international site that ranks over 11,000 institutions in more than...