McJesus: What Was Really Going On? What Should have Happened Instead?

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2 responses

  1. Michael Dar says:

    For or against or eventually indifferent (which is my case) everyone has in fact plenty of equally worthy arguments in his favor. I for one would be more interested to know more about the ‘artist” himself his background, his world view, what he stands for, his political or religious affiliation and above all his mental state! I would for instance like to know what went through his head when he decided to make such a, in my view, peace of crap…to finally know and understand what was the real reason of purpose behind his “masterpiece” and why he came to expose it in Israel?

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Nobody exhibits in an Israeli museum without having been invited. When the curators were planning the exhibition on the topic of the commercialization of society, they looked for Israeli and international artists whose works related to this topic in a variety of subtopics. The topic of the room in which this piece was exhibited was dealing with the consumerization of religion and spirituality. What this artist is protesting is how society has become a consumer society, and how Christianity has become consumerized, making contemporary religion a product rather than a practise. He was not criticizing Christianity but the way it has been twisted for our consumer society. That is all I know because he was not willing to engage with me to delve deeper, given that he was twisted by BDSers. Originally, he had been happy to exhibit in Israel — before BDS got hold of him. Another one bites the dust. That is my problem with him, not with the sculpture.

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