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Dhimmi is as dhimmi does 3

Dhimmi Is As Dhimmi Does

Let me show you how dhimmi status has become so psychologically ingrained that we do not even notice it. You know how there are those among us who say we have to share sovereignty...

fighting antisemitism 5

A Surprising Model For Fighting Antisemitism

A model I developed for teaching sex education in a conservative and collectivist culture can perhaps be used for combating stereotypes, whether these are antisemitic stereotypes or stereotypes against any group, such as sexual...

Mondoweiss defames Israel 1

How Mondoweiss Defames Israel Without Really Trying

Mondoweiss apparently loves to write hate-articles about Israeli border security. I love to read their hate-articles because it means that my country is taking care of me. The article below was written last summer...