Australia: Difference Between Rejecting A Synagogue And A Mosque

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4 responses

  1. Something screwy seems to be going on here. Waverly Council; in whose municipal area the proposed Synagogue is to be established, has to my knowledge always had a top heavy representation of right wing Liberals….7 apparently in this current council of 12.

    Jewish community needs to start raising hell, as well as seeking access to the appropriate judicial (land/planning) courts, along with sending a rocket right up the governing backside of the controlling Liberal State Government.

    What I can make of it, the boffins feel that if surround walls are to be blast proof, that is enough to be concern it will attract bazooka bearing terrorists to the area….normally a very conservative suburban area.

    If it was a Mosque, you’d have heard from every Mullah from Bondi to Mecca by now….

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I wonder if that is so, given the fact that in the past few years a number of applications for building mosques have been rejected — difference is that they were rejected apparently for zoning reasons whereas the synagogue was rejected because Jews seem to be a magnet for terrorists.

  2. Unbelievable is the new normal.

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