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shows a thumb down and the Israeli flag to illustrate anti-Zionist Israel Jews 1

Israeli Jews Against Jewish Israel

While so many of us celebrated France’s National Assembly resolution equating anti-Zionism with antisemitism, there are Jews who behave in the age-old way of self-loathing Jews, something that has a long history. A bunch...

collective punishment of the crowd 0

So you think this is collective punishment?

Israel is constantly being blamed by so-called pro-Palestinians of engaging in collective punishments against the Arab residents of the so-called “Occupied Palestinian Territories”. Here are just two examples of that canard: Collective punishment –...

Pew Survey makes Israeli Jews look racist 18

Want To Make Israeli Jews Look Racist? Ask Pew

The Pew Research Center has provided ammunition for anti-Zionist Jew-hatred. The response to one survey question is used as proof that Israeli Jews want to ethnically cleanse our country and the West Bank and...