Who’s In Cahoots With The Russians: Hillary or Donald?

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  1. Ron Barak says:

    I was just reminded that [a] just over a year ago

  2. d hnedrickowsn says:

    He can hardly be urging the Russians to hack her emails since the server no longer exists! Further, she claimed they were all recipes, yoga, wedding and funeral plans, etc. Nothing to do with her job as Sec’t of State… so what could be treasonous?

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Exactly! Another case of “you cannot have it both ways” — either he is being treasonous and those were NOT personal emails in which case SHE was treasonous, or those were only personal emails and so he is not being treasonous and so why did you delete them then?

  3. Nancy Carol Brown Hardin says:

    The entire thing begs the question; why the outrage over what Trump said, when no one is outraged over emails she sent that she shouldn’t have? I was always taught never put something in writing if you don’t want someone else to know it. So if she’s worried about those emails, they must contain more than recipes and chitchat. I’d also like to point out, that people underestimate Trump, calling him a Buffon, a clown, etc, but one thing Donald Trump IS NOT, is dumb. You can’t be dumb and make the kind of money he makes with his businesses.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I think the current thing is not that Trump is dumb – because he cannot be dumb and have got to where he is, after all, Trump is not Gump. Now they are saying he is certifiable. The truth will be known at some point in the future and I am certainly not one to anticipate what that might be.

  4. Efren Cocroft says:

    The engineering feat that re-created a ferocious carnivore, now bound for D.C.’s Natural History Museum.

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