Algemeiner and JNS: Furthering Palestinian Propaganda?

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  1. Graham Coffey says:

    We agree totally on this one. The words/terms “Palestine”, “Palestinian” and “West Bank” should be totally expunged from existence. It is just as easy to type/write Judea and Samaria in lieu of Palestine or West Bank….as equally as it is to designate Islamic Arabs, rather than the all encompassing Palestinians.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      And I will keep on doing what I can to get our leaders and writers to refer to Judea and Samaria by its true name. The more of us that pressure them to do so, the more success we can hope to have.

  2. sheldan says:

    Agreed! I am trying to use “J&S” when referring to the area (although, when writing for a general audience the first time I refer to it I write “WB” in parentheses, to insure my reader will know what I am referring to). Thanks for saying this, and I hope the publications will listen.

  3. Suri says:

    I have taken to using J&S or the full name when speaking of that area. It’s no longer the West Bank to me…. I was glad for the ‘re-education’ last year.

  4. Excellent article, Sheri. I have been trying to point this out also. If there is a need to use the words (e.g., reprinting the article), at least put ‘Palestinians” in quotes, or preface it with [so-called] in brackets, or followed by [sic]. Place “West Bank” in quotes followed by (Judea and Samaria) in parenthesis. I understand the need for website SEO but there is still ways to handle it so as not to give legitimacy to the terms. The truth outrules SEO.

  5. Acher says:

    I like to use the term Palestinianists (advocates of Palestinianism) for those who proclaim that (sic)”Palestine” is something more than a Potemkin Village propaganda ploy. When it is a fiction on a par with Narnia, Mordor, Neverland or Westeros.

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