What Jew-Haters Really Want, What We Should Do About It

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  1. Brilliant and needed! I remember studying about the German Jews in 30’s who thought of themselves as fully German, and hearing their shock when suddenly they were “other.” It is all repetition, a repetition of what we thought could never happen again. Look at the schools, the colleges, where the only good Jew is the one who denounces Israel. That’s the requirement for entrance into a zone of safety.

  2. Stay in if you wish, but don’t bankroll them in their current state.

  3. billbillt says:


  4. The post is just another one of my sarcasm fails. I was thinking abut the “safe spaces” set up on universities where students are protected from speech they don’t want to hear and people they don’t want in their presence.
    Basically I was saying that the price of safety is to become the enemy.

  5. billbillt says:

    Sorry, I took what you posted at face value.. The only solution left is to get behind President Trump as he is pro Israel and pro Jewish..

  6. Who, in their right mind, would PRESUME to speak for a Jew-hater? (O.o) Haters are their own breed. If you try to think like them or speak like them, you can make yourself ill. I’m glad you published this. I was going to ask you what were your thoughts about all the “Democratic anti-semitic hoopla” in the US news.

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