UNSC Resolution 2334: I Am Glad The US Abstained And Here Is Why

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  1. Glenn Perlman says:

    As a college student back in the mid-seventies, I wrote a similar response to the American NAZI parade in Skokie, Ill. I saw that a ban on this march would just be a cover up, allowing Jews to think that all is good in America. I believed that seeing is believing and believed what I saw. Anti-Semitism is a disease that has no cure and Jews will only empower it by being liberals, doing outreach, fighting Xmass trees and supporting inclusivism, anything but being Jews.

    PS. I moved to Israel as soon as I finished college.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Your comments reverberates within me as I saw similar stuff – in fact, it was a German student who warned me that Canadians hate me still and constantly told him they were sorry Hitler did not succeed in wiping us out. I also moved to Israel, but in the middle of my post-grad studies and finished here. I am glad you got what I was saying. Everything needs to be out in the open.

  2. Ken Besig says:

    Obama has made a huge error by openly admitting hid utter disdain for Israel and the Jewish People. Obama counted on the Clinton win to guarantee his destruction of Israel, but then Trump came along and upset everything. So Obama takes his wrath out on Israel, believing that if he strikes hard enough he can put Israel in the class of an outlaw state,thus justifying the Iranian nuclear destruction of Israel. Because all these thinga are one, the Iran nuke UN vote, the UNESCO vote on The Kotel, and this last piece of Obama Jew hatred,the latest UNSC condemnation of Israel. The Global Elites have decided that Israel must be exterminated, instead Trump won and so will Israel!

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Yes. We have survived a lot and we will survive this as well. But I am afraid, as are many others, that this is not his last play. He is going for check-mate.

  3. Michelle Harrison says:

    Yes, I’d begun to think the same, namely that at least the enemies have declared themselves and can’t be ignored. It’s hard to fight who you cannot really name, or who you are afraid to name. Good job articulating the situation.

  1. December 24, 2016

    […] This article first appeared on Israel Diaries. […]

  2. December 25, 2016

    […] However, one excellent post by Israeli blogger Sheri Oz brought the whole fiasco into perspective, enabling us to face this upsetting turn of events with a clearer mind. She writes “I am glad the US abstained, and here’s why“: […]

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